Seth Shaw Associates Inc

Investor Relations and Strategic Advisory to the Investment and Health Care Industries Since 1991
  • Clear Objective:  Boost Client's Financial Value

  • Client Base:  Healthcare Companies, Private Equity Funds/VCs

  • IR Skill:  Fluency with the Language of Healthcare and Wall St.

  • Professional Experience:  Extensive in Both Industries

  • Strength:  Translating Strategy into Investment Proposition
  • Specialty:  Managing Negative Surprises

"With SSA' s expert guidance we recognize that it is far more about what the company can do than what it has done..."

Our Forward-looking Approach:
  • Build Investor Confidence in the Company's Near and Long-term Strategy and its Management
  • Develop a Compelling and Convincing Story that will Raise Financial Value
  • Keep in Front of Bad, as well as Good News