Seth Shaw Associates Inc
Investor relations at SSA is unconventional. Our clients include publicly-held health care companies as well as private equity funds, hedge funds and venture capital groups with all investor aspects of their portfolio companies. SSA's IR services extend to relationships with lenders, positioning the company for a merger or acquisition, servicing equity investors, and preparing for an IPO.

"Every program SSA designs, every strategy it recommends, points to one goal:  Increasing Enterprise Value..."

No Boiler-plate:
Effective IR, whether for the smallest equity shareholder or the largest lender, must go beyond just plug and play. Our designs are customized to fit the needs of each client and each presenter. This is not fast-food -- success takes more time, more effort and constant tweaking.

Language Proficiency:

With our background, we are familiar with the jargon of capitalism and health care and we have the skill to translate your strategy into an investment framework.


We probe constantly and adapt dynamically to the changing landscape, an ingredient necessary for a successful IR undertaking.

Technology Expertise:

An added advantage is that we are highly skilled in using different technologies to convey your message. We also know the "old fashioned" way is sometimes more effective. The point is to optimize the message and the medium.


Written communiques are always important, yet it is your presentation in front of investors, lenders and clients where the need to be clear, concise and compelling is paramount. Distilling this into a 20 minute presentation is more daunting than most CEOs/CFOs may realize. We know how to make your presentation effective, highly effective.

...And Presenters:

Of course, the best presentation is only as good as its presenter, and its delivery must be adapted accordingly. We adjust the presentation to the speaker's style and personality, not the other way around. We also know what it takes to speak publicly and we are adept at coaching presenters.

Managing Negative Surprises:

Disappointing news happens and how rapidly you communicate it will be an important measure of your company and its management. First words and first impressions have heightened importance when unwelcome surprises occur. We are equipped to manage negative news and we believe a good IR program needs a "disaster" plan, however dusty it may get. Show us a management that faces a negative surprise forthrightly and we'll show you an investment that has staying power. Think Johnson & Johnson with Tylenol.

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