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Leading a company through the dynamic health care environment is a perpetual challenge which requires resilient strategic planning.

With our background in health care -- both in management and Wall Street -- SSA can become a special asset in your strategic planning process. By serving as this "external vision," we can help you position the company in the years ahead.

This analysis will be thorough, uncovering all issues related to your current and potential positioning.

Company's Position and Potential:
  • Assess current strategy.  Is it differentiated?

  • Identify and appraise competition

  • Sequence to new products, services, or applications?

  • What are quality and systems requirements?

  • Measure financial valuation

  • Appraise the regulatory and reimbursement environment: favorable?

  • Evaluate management and staffing capabilities

  • Financing Needs/Alternatives:

    We will determine your capital requirements and sources for funding growth. Shareholder and lender issues will also be assessed.

    Comprehensive Strategic Plan:

    This extensive analysis concludes with the development of a comprehensive strategic plan. Our ability to think strategically, coupled with our knowledge of the health care and financial industries, can help you chart a confident course.

    A Good Plan Answers these Questions:

  • Are you in the right markets, the right industry segment?

  • What are the supply and demand (and other key) factors affecting those business segments?

  • What are the prospects and the opportunities in those segments?

  • Where should you be positioned two years from now? Five years from now?

  • What will you need to get there?

  • Do you have adequate capital to fuel your growth and meet future competititon?

  • Should you consider selling all or part of your present company?

  • Should you be diversifying into other businesses, and if so, which ones?

  • Where can you find access to capital to develop new products or services?

  • Should you be looking for a financial partner or a strategic alliance?
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