Seth Shaw Associates Inc
Our Background
Over thirty years in health care and investment banking provides Seth Shaw Associates a perspective and an understanding of how to communicate effectively with these sectors.

Depth of Experience:
SSA offers experience that is unusual in the industry. Seth H. Shaw founded the company in 1991 after serving for eleven years as a senior vice president for health care equity analysis at Salomon Brothers, Lehman Brothers and Prudential Securities.

Prior to that he worked for seven years as a hospital administrator at The Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. The combination of hands-on management experience, detailed financial analysis and extensive industry exposure has given him unique insights into the health care field.

This background enables SSA to understand, interpret and translate the needs of each business into an effective basis for raising capital and valuation.

An Important Resource:
With SSA you will gain:
  • Access to our contacts on Wall Street and in the health care industry

  • The benefit of our experience with the methods of raising capital

  • A clear understanding of your current positioning in your company's sector and an analysis of the strategic options available to you

  • Our ability to help you secure appropriate financial partners

  • A carefully crafted presentation and the ability to deliver it effectively

  • The knowledge that we will be there in fair and foul weather. We are skilled in crisis management should the need arise.

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